Going Virtual

The Community

We are a group of higher education professionals looking to build an online learning community focused on the challenges of international learning and teaching.

The community was founded in 2021 as a part of Mitigating COVID Together ERASMUS KA2+ project.

The Aim

We want to be the virtual home of a learning community.


For us, this means creating a space for an informal community of academics, teachers, administrators, and students born out of curiosity, professional growth, and joy. There is common alignment towards professional growth and explicit understanding that it is best fostered via sharing and reflection. Central to any healthy community are trust, safety, respect, and relationships.


In our community, you can discuss topics around international education, inclusion, pedagogy, didactics, online learning and anything else the community finds relevant in informal and fun ways. You can learn from other members’ experiences and get to share their best practices. You can get feedback and ideas from your peers.


What you can find and How to get involved.

What you can find:


We produce podcasts and webinars as well as print content and organise in-person and online events.

We also share other events and resources of interest to our community.


Why Join?

Becoming part of our community is simple.

If you are looking for a professional informal network to share and exchange ideas with, we would be pleased to welcome you.


If you register on this Goingvirtual website, you will be able to: 

– Create your profile to like, save, and comment on publications 

– Post your materials and gain unlimited access to resources.

Check How to create a post.


Going Virtual Community on DISCORD


Want to network and connect with other members more directly?

We invite you to join our Online Community on Discord 

Check out our different channels for professional exchanges and coffee break chats.






Discord is a chat app that supports video calls, voice chat, and text, allowing users to get in touch however they please.


We have created our own server Going Virtual on Discord. After joining, you will find different groups (channels) so you can connect with your peers in an informal and fast way. We have set up guidelines so that you feel welcome and safe.