Going Virtual

Social Climate in Distance Learning

By: Bishal Kandel, Eniololade Giwa, Roni Kähäri, Yao Yu

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To better understand the impact that the past exceptional years in online teaching have had on university students, students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Palacky University undertook research regarding students’ wellbeing in online learning.  The goal was to find ways to make the social climate in online classrooms better for the students, and then communicate these ways to teachers.

The research is based on various studies found online, as well as insights from interviews with fellow students and teachers from various different study paths. The team took notice of clear trends and compared these similarities, and then tried to find solutions that would provide useful for both teachers and students.

We hope teachers can use the solutions showcased in this material to meet the social needs of learners, increase participation and foster a better online teaching and learning experience.

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